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Maintenance Memberships

Membership options are available! Choose from either our monthly or quarterly Maintenance Membership packages to optimize your initial investment. We will review and discuss these discounted member rate options with you at the end of your project.

Monthly Membership

Once you fall in love with your newly organized space, you won’t want to let it slip back. We will come back once a month to reset your space and ensure it is still functioning for you. We’ll refold, relabel, rehang, rethink, declutter, trash, donate, and replace or add product that is needed as the space evolves.

Membership Benefits:

  • 4 hours of hands-on organizing services each month with 1 team member
  • Priority Scheduling - Recurring date for your convenience (planned in advance around your schedule)
  • Check in one week before you project to review areas of concern
  • 20% discount for new projects

$200 / month

Quarterly Membership

This membership is right for you if you:

  • Have multiple spaces you need organized
  • Will be moving or downsizing this year
  • Have a busy schedule that makes it challenging to maintain
  • Have a family member who is still independent, but needs support
  • Struggle with seasonal transitions

Membership Benefits:

  • 8 hours of hands on organizing service each quarter with 2 team members
  • Priority scheduling for your project
  • Hours can be rolled over (if you have a big project) or gifted to a family member/friend
  • Can be billed quarterly or monthly

$800 / quarter (or $200 / month)

Members Save $400 per session!

Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are payments processed?
Monthly memberships: 12 equal installments of $100/month will be auto-billed using the payment method on file on the 1st of each month.

Quarterly memberships: Two Options - 4 equal installments of $800/quarter, invoiced on the 1st of each "quarter" (3 month period determined by the start date of the contract) OR $200/month auto-billed using the payment method on file on the 1st of each month.
What if I need to reschedule?
Life happens and things come up - we understand! We request at least 24 hours notice by phone (not email) when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. We want to keep your membership on track, so canceled appointments should be rescheduled within 15 days.
What if I need to cancel my membership?
We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel your Monthly Membership at any time. Quarterly Memberships can be canceled after a minimum of two quarters (6 months). There are no cancellation fees.

Is an organizing
membership for you?

I can help you decide. Reach out to me to set up a free consult, and together we can talk through what you need help with in your home and make a plan – whether that’s a one-time visit, or a membership that helps you accomplish more for less this year.

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